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Paper Seed Pot Maker – Alan Sturgess

Materials  and Tools:

•A   –  45mm x 45mm 120mm
•B   –  80mm diameter x 50mm thick
•Sanding Sealer & Sand paper
•Roughing gouge
•Spindle gouge
•Bedan tool
•25mm Forstner Bit
•Two pieces of wood preferable the same type
Method for dolly/plunger – part A

Drill a 25mm hole in centre of one end of piece A, Hole to be 12mm deep.  Mount between centres with drive centre inside the drilled hole.  Turn to a cylinder 40mm dia. Turn off the hole end flush and square then mark a pencil line 35mm up from the drive end. The handle starts form this line, any design to suit but, approximately 110mm long. Sand down through the grits and apply sanding sealer.  Two coats is best. Part off the top and clean off the pip, sand and seal.

Method for base – part B

Mark centre’s on both sides and place  between drives to turn chucking point or use large chuck. Ensure spigot is turned to exact size of chuck. Complete the base with sanding and sealing. Place in chuck and turn cylinder to 70mm Dia. Square off end leaving it 40mm above the chuck spigot.  Mark a 45mm circle and a 20mm circle on the face. Using the bedan tool cut the piece between the inner and outer circle to a depth of 25mm.  The centre post should be reduced to a height of 10mm.  Sand through the grits and seal with 2 coats sanding sealer.

Any issues, please use our email to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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