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Poolewood Lathe for sale – Tom James – April 2022

Woodturning Lathe and full accessories – £1200

Poolewood Euro 1500 Monarch woodturning lathe – British Made lathe – used by many professional turners around the world. Distance between centres 36” (915mm). Swing over bed 18” (457mm). The headstock can slide and rotate for outboard turning, significantly increasing the swing/size of piece you can turn. The lathe has an adjustable outboard turning arm that allows you to easily turn large bowls, platters and hollow forms.

The lathe has a powerful 3 phase (415v) motor, 1120w(1 ½ HP) – Powered by an inverter which allows you to use the machine with a standard domestic 3 pin UK plug off 240V. It has a movable magnetic variable speed controller that allows you to control the shaft speed from 0-2800rpm to match the size of what you are turning, this is a good safety feature and as the motor is direct drive it has the advantage of saving you time not having to change the pulley and belts to get the speed you wish.

The headstock and tailstock has a number 2 Morse Taper – most common size for modern woodturning accessories. Drive spindle is 1 ½ inch 6TPI right hand thread – lots of companies sell 4 jaw chucks to fit this size making it easy if you want to expand your chuck collection, included in the price is a Robert Sorby Patriot chuck.

Overall dimensions of the lathe: Length – 70” (1790mm), Width -18” (475mm), Height (1120mm) Weight -99kg the lathe stand has holes in the bottom of the base so it can be attached permanently to a concrete floor for even more stability when turning larger pieces. The lathe can be disassembled to make transport easier as it is heavy.

I’ve had many good years of use out of the lathe which has allowed me to buy a VB36, I’ll be sad to let the lathe go but I hope it bring its next owner as much joy as it has brought me.


Also included in the price are the Lathe accessories:

SIP Dust Collector, Ideal for sucking up dust and shavings whilst turning, and for cleaning the workshop after turning. Motor 750W, Volt 230V, Speed 295RPM, Inlet Diameter 100mm. (£280 new)

Robert Sorby Patriot chuck with wormwood screw, chuck key and dovetail jaws – (£240 new)

X2 Heavy duty traditional chucks 

X16 British made woodturning tools Robert Sorby, Hamlet, Henry Taylor, Marples (all the tools you will need to carry out 90% of all woodturning) with wall mounted tool holders.

X1 2MT Jacobs chuck with chuck key

X2 live centres

X1 4 prong driving spur 

X1 80mm screw thread Faceplate 

X1 3”(75mm) Faceplate

X2 4” (100mm) Faceplate

X1 6” (150mm) Faceplate

X2 8” ( 203.2mm) Faceplate 

X2 C Spanners

X1 Thread cover

X2 Spindle Washers

Multiple Tool rests – 12” (300mm), 120mm straight, 200mm straight, X2 curved tool rests, S tool rest, inner bowl tool rest. 

20 – woodturning bowl/ platter blanks (8 natural edge) 20- tropical hardwood woodturning spindle blanks – ideal for small spindle projects like wands, pens etc. 


If you are interested, please contact HWA Enquiries and we will put you in touch with Tom.





Any issues, please use our email to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.