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Turn Yourself

Ever wondered how a piece of work was made?

Ever thought how could I make that?

This page is created to list those “how to” secrets when found, pointing you to projects and “how to” step by step guides on how they are achieved. Many of the items will actually point you to the source site.

If you find any more gems or you want to post your own guides – please contact the Webmaster and I will be happy to add them in.


Phil Bristow (A) Phil Bristow’s bowl made out of a single block of 8x3x3 wood. Click here….

1 Valentine bowl Dave Gibbard’s Valentine bowl. Click here….


Spindle work:

Create your own choirboys for Christmas – click here….

  Details of a build your own seed pot maker – click here…..

Mike Haselden, tooth pick holder   Design to build your own cocktail stick dispenser – click here…..

bic pens  Details on creating a more personal BiC pen – click here…..

Details on creating spheres – click here…..


Segmented work:

Phil Bristow, sycamore inlaid vase Phil Bristow’s off-centre vase. Click here….


Tools, Jigs and Rigs:

 Details of a build your own 3 wheeled steady rest – click here…..

 Jean's wooden chuck and offset insert  Details of a build your own wooden jaws – click here…..

Details on how to build a movable carousel – click here…..

  Details on how to build a fluting jig – click here…..


Link to online Tutorials…

Any issues, please use our email to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.