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Event Calendar

Below is the schedule of Association events for 2017

Date Topic Presenter
 Wednesday 4th January  Box with pewter rim  Bob Hope
 Monday 6th February  Club Challenge
 Monday 6th March  TBA  Mark Baker
 Monday 3rd  April  AGM Club Challenge
 Wednesday 3rd May  Club Night  Turn in
 Monday 5th June  Branchwood bowl  John Plater
 Monday 3rd  July  Chestnut Products  Terry Smart
 Monday 7th August  Club Challenge
 Monday 4th September  TBA  Adrian Smith
 Monday 2nd  October  Showtime  Les Thorne
 Monday 6th November  Mikes Mystery 2  Mike Haselden
 Monday 4th December  Christmas Social


Below is the schedule of Association events for 2016

Date Topic Presenter
 Monday 4th January  Squared edged box  Kevin Hutson
 Monday 1st February  Club Challenge  Hands on Turn In
 Monday 7th  March  Making an hour glass  John Holden
 Monday 4th April  AGM
 Wednesday 4th May  Club Night  Turn in
 Monday 6th June  Mystery demo!  Gary Rance
 Monday 4th July  Mike’s Mystery 2  Mike Haselden
 Monday 1st August  Club night/challenge – make something from Yew  Hands on Turn In
 Monday 5th September  Threaded boxes  Paul Hannaby
 Monday 3rd October  Adrian’s Balls!  Adrian Smith
 Monday 7th November  Showtime  Les Thorne
 Monday 5th December  Christmas Social


Other Events extra to our core meetings:

  Event   Address  Date   Type of event  Cost 
 Demo   Hedge End G.C. at the 2000 Centre, St Johns Road, Hedge End.  20th February 2017.  Demo by Mike Haseldon  Free
 Demo  Community hall, Sainsbury’s car park, Badgers Farm, Winchester Saturday 25th March, 2017  10am-4pm  Masterclass – Phil Irons  TBD
 All hands day



Outreach program Presentations and Demonstration Events:

Come and see our turners in action and ask about our club!

 Event     Address   2016 Date     Type of event     Open to the public?  
 Demo  Community Woodfair, Zionshill Copse, Chandlers Ford    3rd September  Demonstration  Yes





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