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Len Osborne Trophy

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Our club holds a quarterly(ish) competition that is open to all members from the novice to the professional (Novices are currently taking a lot of the prizes!). It is a chance to have a some fun and show off your talents of turning & other skills like carving, colouring, texturing, pyrography, etc – letting your imagination run wild. There are small prizes and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Each competition has 3 to 4 topics to chose from, the latest competition topics are listed below:

.Next event topics

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Hall of Fame
Past competition categories and winners are below to give you an idea of what is expected.

August Club Challenge:

  • Off centre/multi centre turning
  • Involuted turning (also known as inside out turning).

1st – Harry Woolhead

2nd – Steve Howells

3rd – Richard Nicholls

Easter – Club Challenge:

  • Create an Egg – virtual vote

1st – Mike Haselden – Lindor stacking hollow egg

2nd – Bob Hope – Segmented egg and carving

3rd – Richard Nicholls – Cracked easter egg in cup

December – Club Challenge:

  • Wind powered

5th August – Club Challenge:

  • Finial

1st April – AGM Challenge:

  • Make a toy

1st place 2nd place 3rd place

3rd December – Christmas Challenge:

  • Make a Whistle

Best looking     Best sounding

6th August – Club Challenge:

  • Something with 2 types of materials


4th April – Club Challenge:

  • Something with at least 2 types of wood

7th Aug – Club Challenge:

  • Pair of items


3rd April – Club Challenge:

  • Bowl with decoration


5th December – Club Challenge:

  • Something powered by Elastic

dave-gibbard-the-naughty-reindeer-best-appearance  dave-simpson-hampshire-wocket-association-best-performer

1st August – Club Challenge:

  • Something made from Yew

1st choice Harry Woollhead 2nd choice Chris Molyneux 3rd choice, Dave Simpson

1st February – Club Challenge:

  • Something with fruit or fungi

1st John Holden  2nd Bob McFarland  3rd Adrian Smith

7th December – Christmas Social:

  • Christmas Challenge – design and build a diablo
Bob McFarland top performer  Adrian Smith, best looking

3rd August – Autumn special:

  • Make something with a finial
  • Make something with 2 or more wood/materials

Ian Woodford, 1st place finial box on stand  Alan Baker 2nd place segmented bowl  Dave Simpson, 3rd place, Pea pod

2nd February – Spring special:

  • Make something to with a stand

18 Ian Woodford -1st  15 Bob Macfarland - 2nd  2 Harry Woolhead -3rd

1st December – Christmas special:

  • Yo-Yo competition

Phil Hill, best performing yoyo  Denis Hilditch, best looking yoyo

1st September – Autumn special:

  • Make something to include 1 or more sphere

Mike Haselden, bowl of balls, 1st choice  Denis Hilditch, ball game, 2nd choice  Phil Hill, toy, 2nd choice

3rd February – Springtime special:

  • Open competition – Make what you like

John R Davis 35, 1st  Dave Gibbard 25 (2nd)  Harry Woollhead 34, 3rd

2nd December Meeting:

  • Create a 3 wheeled toy – winner for best design and furthest distance travelled when released from a ramp

Dave Gibbard, Santa Pod, Rolling winner   Adrian Smith, no name, concours winner

Furthest distance winner                           Best design                  

3rd April Meeting:

  • A toy 
  • An item featuring colouring 
  • An item featuring piercing 
  • A project for Minstead Training Project – This will not be a complicated piece of turning, it  should be suitable for beginners. Your challenge is to include with it a  dimensioned diagram and step by step instructions as to how to make it.

John presents Harry with 1st prize   Jean (3rd) Pierre (2nd and Harry (1st)

Harry Woollhead C (1st choice)  Pierre Baumann A4 (2nd choice)  Jean Turner C (3rd choice)

December 2012 meeting:

2 options:
1. Longest spinning top
2. nicest looking spinning top
Adrian Smith with spinner winner     Lyne Early, prize for top with best appearance

October 2012 meeting:

3 options:
1. A wet turned item, retaining some bark
2. An item incorporating a twist
3. An item made incorporating off centre turning

March 2012 meeting:

3 options:
A make something from a 2”x2”x12” blank,
B make something incorporating carving or texturing,
C interpret the phrase “The Magic roundabout”


December 2011 meeting:

Make a  Christmas Decoration.

October 2011 – The HWA Challenge was to make something representing one of the below:

A- “Block of wood 8x3x3”

B- “Run of the mill”

C- “Autumn leaves”


June 2011 – The HWA Challenge was to make something representing a song title. The choices were:

A- “Ring of Fire”

B- “Little Green Apples”

C- “Lemon Tree”

D- “Ring a Ring o’ Roses”


Feb 2011 – The HWA Challenge was to make something representing one of the random topics below:

A – Threadbare

B – The Valentine’s Day Massacre

C – On a Wing and a Prayer

D – Can’t see the Wood for the Trees


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