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Corona Virus Update

11 August, 2020

Corona Virus and HWA – update January 2021

Throughout the Summer, despite some relaxation of the original lockdown, we were not able to meet. Now as we enter 2021 coronavirus infections are soaring again and are already above the original peak. Government restrictions have been increased again and we remain unable to meet. The vaccination programme offers hope of an eventual return to something like we used to regard as normality but it will be summer or even Autumn before most people are protected and the efficacy of the treatment can be assessed.

So the suspension of meetings will continue until further notice.

Our remote programme will continue via demonstrations using the Zoom platform. These have proved very successful and have allowed us to see turners from other parts of the world rather than just those on our doorstep. To maintain some continuity, the Secretary has tried to arrange these on the evenings when we would have been meeting at the Railway Institute. We will let you know as and when more such demos are scheduled.

We will also continue to show galleries of members’ work each month with occasional Challenge topics and voting via the website. Your Turn is still being produced quarterly as well as interim monthly reports.

Rather than continuing indefinitely without formal endorsement by the members the committee is considering holding an AGM in April via Zoom with papers and voting slips circulated in advance by Email / post.

Dave Gibbard

Extended Chairman

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