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The Hampshire Woodturners Association is proud to offer the service of providing presentations and/or demonstrations (internal or external) at your venue/club/meeting/open day/school/education centre/outdoor events/etc as part of our Outreach program. This will mainly be in the Hampshire area – UK, but are open to discuss neighbouring county visits.

We are able to offer three options:


  • A brief history of woodturning.
  • The basic tools
  • A modern lathe
  • Which parts of a tree are used for woodturning
  • Carving and woodturning, the differences?
  • The numerous different items that can be woodturned

This option requires 20 minutes setup time and a minimum of 1¼ hours for the presentation.

2. DEMONSTRATION ONLY – Internally at your venue. Note: A minimum audience of 20 people is requested for a demonstration given the time required to set up.

This option requires 45 minutes setup time and a minimum of 1½ hours which includes the introduction to woodturning.

3. ALL DAY SHOW DEMONSTRATION – Demonstrating at your event  e.g:  craft fairs, village shows, school open days, etc.


 No set charge is made, however donations are gratefully received.

Take a look at the current events we are delivering by following the following link —> click here