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Charity work

Every year the club selects a charity to support to help give for various reasons sometimes close to the members hearts or to help the local community.

This year the club is supporting the Minstead Training Project Charity which is situated in Lyndhurst.

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The club has donated their time to repair/restore the Minstead’s Woodturning lathes. This is now completed and the HWA team are now providing tutition to the Project’s members.

The students at Minstead Lodge continue to amaze the HWA team with their optimism and energy for woodturning. We are also surprised at the level of progress the students have achieved to date. These students get about 45 minutes real time on the lathe each week and the same amount of time watching and already we are seeing 4 or 5 students being able to make simple cuts on their own. The whole process is very gratifying and the HWA team are getting good reports back from the centre staff on the keenness of the students to attend and the fact that they are getting items they can sell at Furzey Gardens.

The energy and optimisms levels of the students continue to fuel progress. It is testimony to the HWA turners doing the teaching that the students continue to progress and look forward to their weekly session. The HWA team currently have 14 students having tuition.


Minstead Training Project is having open days in September on Friday 27th 1pm to 4pm and on Saturday 28th September from 11:30 to 3pm. We will be there with the students demonstrating how far they have come.


More updates to follow…….

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