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5th December – Christmas Social

17 December, 2016

A very successful end of year club night was enjoyed by all who attended, sadly there were only 45 members present with ten guests in attendance

As usual in recent years our chairman Lynda had produced a fantastic range of baked goods, which people were taking by the plateful, myself on a strictish diet fasted on satsumas and grapes until finally succumbing to a small portion of delicious carrot cake, which Lynda reassured me was made with a low-fat cheese spread and contained lots of carrots.

The evening kicked off with four rounds of the popular annual quiz, we had six teams competing, it was interesting to see several people joining Les Thorne’s table from the start, another was made up of mainly the “Tea Boys”, The first four rounds covered Sports, Musicals, Birds and Leaves. Lynda was quiz master and Dave Gibbard her “pointless friend” was score keeper. I would like to acknowledge at this point how much work Dave does for the group always keeping the committee and members up to date with his email announcements, he also puts a lot of work into the quiz and proof reading my reports etc. as well as doing all of the gallery and demonstrator photography thanks Dave.

We then had the tea break and Lynda’s confectionery buffet.

The second half of the evening started with the club challenge, which was to make something propelled by an elastic band. Just a disappointing 5 entries which included a racing car, a rolling cylinder a cannon and my personal favourites, by the two Dave’s, Gibbard and Simpson. Santa chasing his reindeer in a small jet plane and two rockets that hit the ceiling respectively.

Judging was carried out by a brave visitor, Keith’s wife Susan. The concours prize went to Dave Gibbard’s “Naughty Reindeer” and the performance prize to Dave Simpson for his spectacular rocket launcher. You can see all the entries on the website.  

We then returned to the quiz, which included rounds of “Name that tune” (played on the keyboard by Lynda), “Television”, “Who, What, Where” and the ever popular “Two Peas in a Pod”. The eventual winners were The Tea Leaves, who stole the show (sorry).  As usual the evening ended with the raffle run this month by Keith Barnes.

All in all a great evening’s entertainment, which just goes to show what a friendly group we are at Hampshire.

by Andi Saunders

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