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1st August – HWA Challenge and Keith Barnes on Electrical Safety

4 September, 2016

 46 members attended this month’s meeting, We also had 4 visitors giving us a total of 50 on the night.

It was the second visit for 2 of the visitors so hopefully they will join us next month.


This year’s HWA Challenge was to make something from Yew


We had 15 entries from 13 turners, as usual with entries they were all of a high standard. You can see all the entries on the website, but here are the first 3 choices of the 48 members who voted


1st Choice, Harry Woollhead’s Tea Set and Tray

Challenge winner Harry Woollhead with entry   Challenge 1st Harry

A clear and deserved 1st choice from one of our most experienced turners.

Harry had started out with just a Teapot, but was then was persuaded by Mrs W to make a complete set of Cup, saucer, milk jug and sugar bowl, then he needed a tray to put them on. This outstanding entry was a firm favourite from the start of the evening, and topped the voting by a wide margin, although there was a call for disqualification as the sugar cubes were made of Pine not Yew.


2nd choice, Chris Molyneux

 Challenge 2nd Chris Molyneux

Chris produced a beautifully turned round bowl and lid to a highly polished finish. A lovely piece that you just had to pick up and admire.

It was a close run competition for second place, with Chris and Dave both receiving an equal amount of points with Chris coming out on top by virtue of just one more first place vote.


3rd choice Dave Simpson, for a second consecutive year.

Challenge 3rd Dave Simpson   Challenge 3rd

This time Dave produced a delicate pierced hollow form housing a tea light, the flame from which could be see through the piercings. A nicely made imaginative item.


Close behind Second and Third place was Mike Haselden with two entries which came in Fourth and Fifth.


Whilst the votes were counted and certificates being done by Lynda, our calligrapher for the evening, Membership Secretary Keith Barnes took to the front of house to deliver a 30 minutes “Electrical Safety” presentation

Keith on safety

Keith gave us a potted history of electrical standards since 1947 including the Ring Main Power Circuit, Amp ratings and cable colourings. Circuit breakers and fuses etc. and also warned of the dangers of using the old two and three way adapter plugs, it is far safer to use the trailing gangs with three or more sockets.

This was followed by a Q&A session where Keith dealt with various subjects including PAT testing of turned items for selling such as table lamps

Andi Saunders

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