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4th May – Turn in

6 May, 2016

There was a very good attendance for the May Turn-In and the three turners were kept busy the whole evening, all three lathes attracted large audiences throughout the evening including the tea break


Roy Holder

Was demonstrating hollowing and  giving much practical advice on this very difficult skill that many of us try to avoid, perhaps many of his audience will now have a renewed desire to try out 

Roy Holder 

Ian Woodford

Started with a nice little puzzle  turning a small domed base with a six inch nail standing proud in the centre, there were then six equally placed, but removable nails around the perimeter. He then challenged his audience to remove the six loose nails and balance then on top of the central nail, if you weren’t there you may never know the solution.

Ian Woodford  Ian's nails  Ian's nails balancing

Ian then dedicated the rest of his time to turn some beautiful finials that were to become the centre piece of a turned needle case.


Alan Baker

Brought his novice corner to the lathe and took his “Hands on” audience through a wide range of  turning techniques and skills, which encouraged several members to have a go in front of their peers

Alan Baker

 As ever the secretary is always looking for members who are willing to have a go and share their skills with others so why not volunteer?

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