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7th December – Christmas Social

14 December, 2015

47 members came along to join in the fun, bringing 8 guests with them. Continuing the membership upsurge, 2 of the members were new. Welcome. It’s not always like this you know.

Before the main event, Lynda presented Les Thorne with a certificate proclaiming him an honorary member. HWA was Les’s first Club which he joined before he became infamous. Les said he was touched by the gesture.

1- Les award

For the quiz, 6 teams were established with, as usual, imaginative (?) names.

Quizmaster Lynda posed questions on General Knowledge, Birds, Nursery Rhymes and Naming Turners before the break.

2-Lynda quizmaster

At the break we had not just one but two delights. Firstly the magnificent spread of savoury snacks, cakes and biscuits put on by Lynda. Thank you, Lynda.


Then there was the Great British Diablo Jerk-off (hotly tipped to follow the bake off and pottery throw down onto our TV screens).

3-Diabolo demo

Only 6 members were brave enough to have entered a diablo, (pictures on website) 5 of whom were persuaded to demonstrate their proficiency. Les was pressed into acting as MC for the event and put it to the audience to raise a cheer to indicate their decision. John Holden and Bob McFarland had a fine jerking technique and were able to keep it up the longest. It required a 2 way jerk-off to separate them, the decision going to Bob by a few dB after he attempted a brave tricky manoeuver which didn’t quite come off. There was also a prize for the best looking diablo and Les judged this should go to Adrian Smith for his colourful effort. Then it was back to the quiz…

4-Bob top performer award  5-Adrian best looker

In the second half there were questions on Science and Technology, Sport, Local Knowledge and Musical Instruments.

It was much closer than usual with only 13.5 points between first and last. The final positions were in doubt until the last round when “Barking”, playing their Joker, almost snatched it from “the Monkey Puzzlers”, but finished just half a point behind. “Screw the Skew” were only one point behind them and “the Committee” a further 2 points adrift. That left “Odds and Sods” and “Is it Tea or Coffee?” snapping at their heels.


Finally the evening was rounded off by the raffle with Keith and his wife Susan standing in and then Lynda wished everyone a merry Christmas and a new year of good turning.


Dave Gibbard 

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