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5th January – Gary Renouf

8 January, 2015

There was an impressive attendance and array of work in the gallery for the first meeting of the year.


Our guest for the evening was local turner Gary Renouf who specialises in natural edged bowls. For his first demo Gary mounted a yew log on the lathe with grain at right angles to the axis via a hole drilled in the log for an expanding pin chuck. This is a useful method when the top of the piece is not flat. The work can be supported initially by bringing the tailstock into play but Gary prefers not to for small items where there is little risk of shaking loose. And there is likely to be some shaking because the log will not be balanced, so a slow speed is required.

Gary, log on lathe

Gary started turning the bottom using pull cuts with a gouge. It is only in contact intermittently so the bevel can’t be rubbed. It needs to be held steady for the wood to come on to it.

Early on Gary likes to cut a chucking spigot so that the work can be reversed to alter the top mounting hole should it fail.

The underneath shape is carefully developed to achieve a good finish from the tool because sanding is difficult on the non-continuous surface. Gary does not like to use power sanding.

Gary 1

If the bark remains attached, some thin superglue can be run around where it joins the wood to encourage it to stay in place when turning the top. If the bark starts to become detached, Gary removes it entirely.

The under surface is treated with thinned sanding sealer, sanded by hand and polished before reversing to turn the top.

The top surface is then turned with a gouge. A useful tip is to make a mark on the rest to indicate the tips at the edge of the bowl because it is difficult to see where they are when it is spinning.

After finishing the top surface, the bowl can be parted off if the spigot has been made tall enough.

Garys bowl


After tea, Gary made another bowl with a flatter top and square ended “wings” using essentially the same procedure.

 Garys 2nd bowl

Finally Gary said a few words about the gallery items. A great display which I hope can be maintained through the year. A mischievous member put 3 exquisite, thin natural edge bowls on the table made by the late master of the genre, Bert Marsh. Gary was spared undue embarrassment when the joke was revealed before he could say too much.


Dave Gibbard

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