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7th April – AGM

3 June, 2014

John Holden opened the last meeting of his 3 year stint as chairman with a few announcements.

He reminded members that our next meeting will be a Club Night on 6 May which is a Tuesday. When the first Monday falls on a bank holiday we have to reschedule the meeting. We used to make it the following Monday but the hall is usually booked at the Railway Institute. Postponement to the third Monday makes it too close to the following meeting and also creates a clash with Test Valley. So recently we have tried just postponing 1 night to the nearest Tuesday and it seems to have worked out quite well. The line-up will be Denis giving a presentation on work-holding for long stemmed goblets and Mike Haselden and Graham Barnard turning items of their choice to be announced on the night.

This October will be the 25th anniversary of the inaugural meeting of HWA. To mark the occasion Bob has booked Gary Rance for the October meeting. Gary has been a regular favourite at the Club over the years and I’m sure can be relied upon to make it a special evening.


So on with the AGM and John delivered the Chairman’s report:-

“Another year has passed and it is time to look back and remind ourselves of all that has happened in the last twelve months.   Our membership remains stable and currently stands at 85 plus 1 honary member who you may have noticed helping with the raffle. We have had demonstrations by Tony Halcrow, Jean Turner, Stuart King, Mark Baker, Adrian Smith, Les Thorne, Paul Nesbitt and a scratch effort by myself. We had turn in with 4 lathes, a club Challenge and welcomed a crowd of visitors from The Minstead Training Trust, not forgetting the Christmas social and buggy challenge. I leave it up to you to decide which meeting was best, but I think we have had a good year and we owe a lot to our secretary for his hard work in arranging the program.

On outreach the association was represented at a number of events; in May the Scholing Valleys Summer Fair, in June the Alresford Village Fete, the Party in the Park (Kilham Lane) and in September at the Community Woodfair in Chandlers Ford. This latter event was somewhat damp but we managed to have a good day with plenty of interest from the public.

Last year I commented on the importance of the gallery at our monthly meetings and I said I would like to see more members bringing items for display.

So I went on the website and counted up how many different people had put items on the table and I was pleasantly surprised to count 40, a good number of whom are novices encouraged by Harry Woollhead. Keep up your good work in the novice corner, Harry. The other thing I found was that more than 150 items had been on the table. The standard is high, so keep it up. The winner for most items in the gallery is Adrian Smith with 15 pieces.

Another important area for the Association is the website so ably kept up to date by Phil Bristow. The site was visited 46000 times from 101 countries which I find quite amazing. Think of a country and someone from there will have looked at our site. Having contact details on the site means I am contacted from time to time by people seeking advice, offering wood, tools or seeking stalls for a village fete. The most bizarre came from an American who seemed to think we might know woodturners in Sicily. I pointed out you can search on the internet; it only came up with one name.

During the year the Association’s support for the Minstead Training Trust has continued and is now well established. The ongoing support from members is much appreciated and fund raising has been very successful and has contributed towards the purchase of equipment for the Minstead workshop. Alan Sturgess has the role of coordinator for the project and has done a great deal of work behind the scenes and has put in many hours to keep the show on the road.

Finally, I must pay tribute to everyone who without fail works to make our meetings happen. We are fortunate in having many members willing to do the jobs one can so easily take for granted. We are grateful to Derek Barkaway and Andi Saunders for taking over the shop when Geoff & Helen gave it up. Month by month the bookshop, the tea boys, the rafflers, the audio visual boys and others are there doing their thing. Also we must not forget the members of the committee who all pull their weight behind the scenes. So it has been a privilege to be chairman for the last 3 years and I have confidence in my successor who I am sure will do a great job.”


John then asked Alan Sturgess to give the Treasurer’s report. Here’s his summary:

Once again my grateful thanks to the committee and subcommittee members for staying within the agreed budget for the year and collecting monies on the HWA’s behalf. In fact due to a guest speaker cancelling in March at short notice the finances look better than expected. With an increase in raffle profit, funds are very healthy as we enter another year.

Bob Hope again achieved a very interesting and varied set of speakers and demonstrators at good value for money old fashioned prices and within the agreed budget for the year.

Committee members have hosted our committee meetings, saving the cost of hiring meeting rooms, potentially saving over £300. Generally our costs and our income are quite static and as such we are able to continue to hold the membership fee at £25 again which I hope you agree is good value.

As a general over view our income was £3,685 this is around £250 down on last year. Membership fees accounted for £2,032, the raffle and Club shop continue to do well and the library is now getting more use and showing a small profit. Likewise tea and coffee make a small profit. This year our novice and Saturday workshops were also in the black.

Expense was £3,103. Most expense items are very stable and moved with, or slightly below inflation. However we have increased our Insurance cover to encompass “Employers Liability” to safeguard any speakers or demonstrators who might not have sufficient cover. This gave an Income above expenditure of £581. If you were unable to attend the AGM and would like a full copy of the presented accounts please let me know.

Alan Sturgess, Treasurer


There followed further discussion of the recurring issue of signatories on Association cheques. Last year the motion to reduce the requirement to 1 signatory was defeated. The motion was originally brought because it was often difficult to get the 2 signatories together and the practice had been adopted for one to sign a batch of blank cheques in advance. The proposal now put to the meeting was for 3 nominated signatories, the treasurer, chairman and secretary, the signatures of any 2 of whom on a cheque will be valid. This proposal was passed without objection.

There being no opposing nominations, the officers were elected en bloc: Lynda Barkaway, Chair (John Holden standing down) Bob Hope and Alan Sturgess re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The other committee members were then re-elected en bloc. New committee details are to be found on page 2.


John went on to present the awards to members.

1  1a

The Les Revell trophy for novice of the year went to Robert Pearce (left). Well done Robert, we look forward to seeing more of your work on the gallery table. The trophy for member of the year went to Alan Sturgess (right) for his leading role in the Minstead Trainimg Project.

Without those helping with the novices, refreshments, raffle, shop, library and audio visual the Club would not function. Their contribution was recognised by gifts of bottles of wine. Many thanks to all of you.


After the AGM, Chris West gave us a preview of his presentation on Combo mills which he plans to use on his forthcoming visit to the USA. As most of you know, Chris is something of an expert in the design and making of mills and shakers. (You can borrow his first book from our library).

2  3

For the uninitiated, a combo mill (like the one pictured above) is a combined pepper grinder and salt shaker. Though the combo is more complicated than separate mills, one device does both jobs.

Chris says the public like fresh ground pepper but are happy to simply sprinkle salt these days, hence the popularity of the combo.

Chris went into a lot of detail about where to get mechanisms, dimensions, drill sizes etc. Failing to keep up with it all I was grateful that Chris has posted the presentation on his website. Go to, click on “about me” then look for “HWA Combo” at the bottom left of the page. If you don’t have the means to do this, ask me and I’ll print a copy for you.

A nice touch is to personalise your mill by turning your own knob for the top. You can insert a “dog tooth nut” to enable it to be screwed on to the grinder thread (picture below). Chris has offered to supply these nuts if you are interested.

Chris had brought along a variety of examples to inspire us and I look forward to seeing some innovation on the gallery table.

4   5

Phil Bristow had his arm twisted to give a critique of the gallery. Modestly claiming he wouldn’t know how to go about making a number of the items, he did the job thoughtfully and with humour.

There are consistently more gallery entries these days and of good quality too. Those novices who put their work on display are to be congratulated for not being shy. That’s the way to improve.

All the gallery items can be seen on the website.

Dave Gibbard

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