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2nd December – Christmas Social

20 December, 2013

There was a good turnout for the annual jollifications including a dozen or so guests.

The regular helpers were given a night off to allow them to participate in the quiz which attracted 6 teams calling themselves “I Don’t Know”, “Chippers”, “We’re Thinking”, “Bowlers”, “The Bobbins”, “The Old Codgers” and “The Vanguard”. They answered questions on Geography, Historic dates, General Knowledge, Who Turned That, Trees, Nursery Rhyme Animals, First names and Sport.

Each team had a joker to play on a round they could nominate which doubled the score on that round.  Before the interval, Historic Dates proved the greatest challenge and the Bowlers went in just a point ahead of the Old Codgers. The interval gave the teams time to mull over the pictorial rounds of Who Turned That and Tree Identification. There was some good natured (?) grumbling about not being allowed to play jokers on the pictorial rounds. I must admit I can’t see why not.


At the interval refreshments were served by Alan Sturgess and Derek Barkaway. Lynda Barkaway had produced much of what was on offer and we all enjoyed the fruits of her labour. Thanks indeed, Lynda.


The interval was also the time for the buggy rolling contest. There was an impressive line-up of entries which were released down a ramp provided by Pierre Baumann. Some were so excited by being released that they fell off the ramp or veered into the audience. Ivan Taylor’s Monty Python’s Flying Quercus self-destructed in an appropriate Pythonesque fashion!

Denis Hilditch finally revealed his entry which he had kept under wraps until this point. It was a cheeky interpretation of the rules being just 3 large wheels connected by an axle. He claimed the small holes in the centre wheel could carry objects, thus complying with the dictionary definition of a vehicle. With no bearing friction it could have won though straight line stability seemed doubtful. In the event, Denis spared the scrutineers the embarrassment of having to rule on it by withdrawing, having made his point to much amusement. Three buggies went through to the roll off from a lowered ramp with Dave Gibbard’s “Santa Pod” dragster going further than John Holden’s Green Bullet and Alan Sturgess’s Wonder Wheels.

The “Concours d’Elegance” winner, judged by visitors Hilary Holden and Rosemary Sign was Adrian Smith’s “No Name”. An amusing entry and worthy winner though I’m not sure elegant is the word I’d have used!

Anyway it was all great fun for those of us in our second childhoods.


Back to the serious business. The cryptic first names round proved surprisingly difficult and it was a close thing in the end with the Bowlers just hanging on to pip I Don’t Know by 1 point, the Old Codgers having faded somewhat. I know the problem well.


It was just left to stand-ins Keith and Sue Barnes to call the raffle before the end of the last meeting of the year.

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