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5th August – Club night

12 August, 2013

There was quite a good turnout for the turn-in including a brand new member who said he had read all the back issues of Your Turn on the website. With so much time on his hands I look forward to seeing great progress with his turning!

Bob making square bowl

There were 4 lathes operating: Harry Woollhead was doing goblets with twisted stems, Bob Hope square rimmed bowls, Roy Holder finial boxes and Keith Barnes was overseeing the “have a go” lathe. All were attracting plenty of attention.

Harry gets psyched up for the twist   Dave Barlow shows Chris and Keith   Bob and sanding attachment


We had a few more items on the gallery table this time; pictures of all of them can be seen on the website. I had my arm twisted to perform the dangerous task of doing the critique.

I’d just like to mention a few items. Firstly Robert Pearce’s oak box. I don’t think anyone would have guessed it was the first he had made and I look forward to seeing some more. John Holden explained how he made the twisted square hollow form to the bafflement of most of us, but it’s all in Dave Springett’s book. And the carved texturing on Ian Woodford’s salt & pepper mills I found really attractive.


With all this inspiration I hope we will see many more interesting items on the gallery table in the future.


Roy makes finial for box   Roy's finial box

Dave Gibbard

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