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3rd December – Christmas Quiz and Competition

14 December, 2012

A change to colder weather heralded the traditional Christmas social meeting. The main event as usual was the quiz. Members sorted themselves into 6 teams to answer questions set by various people, arranged by quizmaster, Chairman John.

Once again Lynda provided the greatest challenge with questions about the Olympics (remember her Christmas carol posers last year?). The teams were more confident with the next round entitled cars past and present set by Keith Barnes all but the Whiners playing their joker to double their points. Rounds about inventions (Phil Bristow), identifying the turner from pictures of their work (Dave Gibbard), tree identification(John Holden), Identification of objects from close up pictures (Denis Hilditch), Hampshire knowledge (Alan Sturgess) followed. It was all to play for in the final “tricky quiz” round from Keith. Those wily Whiners had saved their joker and pipped “What did he Say” by 71 points to 70.5 with the “Spinners” a further half point adrift. The “Hopeful Five”, “Humming Tops” and “Oilers” weren’t too far behind for the closest result I can remember with 10.5 points between the top and bottom teams.

In the tea break, tea and refreshments made by Lynda were served by Denis and his wife as Lynda and Derek, who were to give the regular tea boys the night off, were ill. Very noble to send in all those lovely home-made biscuits, Lynda. Hope you are both better now.

Also in the interval we had the top contest. 20 tops were entered and the makers were invited to demonstrate them with a prize for the longest spinner. This created considerable interest; we obviously missed a trick by not running a book on the outcome. In the end Adrian Smith’s top took the honours with 3 minutes 26 seconds though Adrian pleaded a bad hand and Bev Wood spun for him. I’m not sure who claimed the prize. John’s wife chose the most attractive top which was a nice idea of a top forming the lid of a trinket box by Lyn Early. Phil has posted pictures of all the tops on the website. Phil ran the raffle for the evening to give David and Bryan the night off and some suitably festive prizes were won.

Lyne Early, prize for top with best appearance     Adrian Smith with spinner winner

A most enjoyable evening.

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