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13th August – Club night

20 August, 2012

We struggled a bit in recent years with turn-ins but this was the second this year and, like the first, proved very popular. 3 Club members, Alan Sturgess, Mike Haseleden and Chris Davey were performing.


Alan was making goblets and several members had a go at various stages. He brought 3 very nice goblets along for the gallery table as examples including one with a twist stem and another with a captive ring.

Mike’s subject was napkin rings and, again attracted an interested audience. I particularly liked his wooden finger saver for sanding inside the rings with an adjustable Velcro tip onto which suitable strips of sanding cloth could be fixed. It prompted a lot of wise-after-the-event nodding from members who displayed evidence of various finger injuries. As Mike said, poking your finger in a hole may come naturally but is perhaps not a good idea when it is revolving.

Chris was demonstrating his speciality lace bobbins on his treadle lathe. He brought along his impressive display of samples and his renowned knowledge of the great regional variety of designs. As you may know, his wife is a skilled lace maker and Chris is kept busy by her and her chums making bobbins.

The members’ gallery featured some nice work. I’ve already mentioned Alan’s goblets. I’d also like to say how good it is to see items from relative novices on the table. 2 items prompted much debate among members – Mike Haselden’s spiral “cage” containing 3 balls was a very nice piece of work and caused speculation as to how the balls got in there. Mike finally confessed that they were not turned in situ and referred members to the method used by Dave Springett for his arrow through a heart. The other was Geoff Spierling’s segmented vessel and the painstaking effort that obviously went into it Geoff is someone who would be interested in the work I saw in USA – see the “Travellers’ Tales” article.

I’d also like to mention Jean Turner’s beautiful eucalyptus burr bowl with nicely undercut rim.

Thanks to Roy Nailor for doing the critique. Remember all the gallery items can be seen on the website.

Dave Gibbard

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