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18th June – ”What’s in my Shed” & Seed Pot Maker

28 June, 2012

What’s in my shed

Pete Willcocks –  discussed his shed – a well stocked shed – highlighting that most of his ideas come other members. He demonstrated an innovation that he had applied to his nova dvp xp lathe – which was to glue a ring around the start button to remove the situation where he was turning on his lathe by accident (while changing chucks). Pete uses the Robert Sorby proedge sharpening system, he highlights it is very good for repeating the same grind on his tools.


Lynda Barkaway   – starting turning in 1970, she is a careful turner. She has a Vicmarc lathe, her innovation idea is a toolrest that is situated on the end of the lathe, this helps keep her organised.  Lynda has built a homemade extractor system using drainpipes from B&Q and an axminster extracter. Lynda’s wood store rivals a small shop that she is working her way through.


Bob Mcfarland – Bob has designed & built his own workshop.  Bob has a German designed Lathe, with a Camvac that is plumbed in from the outside. Bob has an impressive collection of tools and is a self confessed collector of tools. He has created an individually switched lighting system to save power and create light where it is needed. His wall to wall drawer system collection of screws/bolts/allen keys, drill bits rivals his tool collection.  Bob also built an outside woodstore on the outside of the workshop, this is used for seasoning wood and storing part turned pieces to see how they develop.


Denis Hilditch – Denis has an interesting designed workshop. It has no windows, but rather a clear roof made up of prisms to refract the light into the workshop from all angles. His Poolewood lathe has an innovation where there is a light pull switch rigged up as trip wire that can be used to cut the power with your feet. Denis also has made u-shaped tool rest – originally created for vase turning, but also used for natural edged bowls as in this picture.  Denis has placed a microlene air filter above his lathe for maximum effect.  Denis has also re-used a filing cabinet as a tool store with additional homemade slide shelves.

Alan Sturgess – Alan has one of the first variable speed lathes. Alan also has a Vicmarc with a full length cut off trip switch.  He keeps all his tools and chucks in a single corner. Alan has an interesting innovation which is a blind that it attached to the ceiling, this can be pulled down to stop woodchips covering the whole workshop.

Bob Hope – about a third of Bob’s workshop is taken up by the woodstore. He has a multipurpose machine in the centre of the workshop which is a lathe, drill press, milling machine, bandsaw and disc sanding. He has a Oneway lathe which is setup with a remote on the tailstock the duplicates the main controls on the headstock. He has built homemade jigs for segmented turning (cutting and sanding).   Another innovation that was shown was Bob homemade steambox and brace, made from an old beer barrel and gas cylinder, funnelling the steam into a plywood box to heat the wooden piece prior to bending it.

Alan Sturgess – Demonstration – paper pot maker.

Alan has adapted a design which he saw many years ago in a show. Follow this link for the instructions to make this great gift idea.  Alan turned the pot maker out of Ash, showing us the turning of the “dolly” first. This was achieved using a roughing and spindle gouge and detailing with a beading tool. This was sanded and finished with oil and wax. Alan then moved onto the “former” base that the dolly sits into.


The base is a cylinder with a ring out in the top, creating a doughnut shape with a post that fits into bottom of the dolly. Alan used the Gary Rance box skew chisel to create this doughnut. Alan highlighted to remove the shape edges from the base as this will cause the paper to rip.

Many thanks to Bob Mcfarland for doing the gallery critique.

Written up by Phil Bristow 

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