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5th March – Home made holding devices

9 March, 2012

HWA Challenge

The latest round of the Challenge invited members to select from the following list:

A- Make something from a 2” x 2” x 12” blank,

B- Make Something involving carving or texturing,

C- Interpret ”the Magic Roundabout”

The challenge attracted a disappointing 13 entries from just 10 members, 6 for category A, 5 for B and 2 for C. 52 members attending the meeting were balloted for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite items. Weighting these votes 3 points for each 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 for 3rd and totting up the totals produced the following:-

First choice: Harry Woollhead’s “Magic Roundabout” featuring inlaid sections of branches set in black resin.

Second choice: Jack Mansfield’s bird carving on pebbles in a burr elm ring.

Third choice: Derek Luke’s “Magic roundabout” featuring a clever operation with the ribbons winding round the centre pole.

Thanks to everyone who responded, all the entries are pictured below post. Let’s have some more of you next time.

Roy Nailor’s tools & jigs

Roy apologised to those who have seen his treasures before. This was quite unnecessary as those who have would surely agree the home-made or adapted tools, jigs etc were worth another look.

Roy is an engineer by profession and is always coming up with designs of jigs and tools often made from throw away items. Among other things, he described:


Indexing devices including a novel use of an old bandsaw blade whose teeth mark angular divisions when bent round a cylinder depending on the radius.

A whole variety of jam chucks using split tapered wooden cylinders with a slip ring to tighten.

Screw chucks designed for holding fruit.

Hacksaw blades made into thin parting tools (handles optional).

Masonry nails ground into miniature skew chisels, parting and hook tools.

Roll pins ground to make miniature gouges.


Old files ground to make scrapers. (Note the correct safety advice is not to use files for making such tools as they are brittle. However, the forces on scrapers make shattering unlikely but if you do this it is your decision.)

An old record turntable fitted with a sanding or buffing discs with a jig for sharpening gouges traversing a cord being rotated in the process.

I am sure Roy would be happy to talk to members who have specific questions about his ideas.

Roy must be so busy making all these things that I’m surprised he finds time to use them!


Please view our disclaimer page with regard to the trying to replicate any of the above devices

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