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5th December – Christmas Social & Quiz

9 December, 2011

What a good turn-out, the numbers swollen by guests of members. Nice to see you all.

Some of the supporting activities were run by committee volunteers for the night to allow the regular operators to participate in the quiz. Lynda and Derek Barkaway dispensed free tea, coffee and snacks including some of Lynda’s wonderful biscuits and cakes. Keith Barnes and his wife took over the raffle, the prizes tonight reflecting the occasion. Geoff Spierling and Helen, however, ran the shop as usual. Geoff had gone to a lot of trouble making things for the challenge to make a Christmas decoration but forgot to bring them. What a shame as the response from everyone else was disappointingly poor, just 6 items on the table.

People formed themselves into 6 teams. The first task was to think of a name and they chose “I Told You So”, “Hogwarts”, “Outnumbered”, “Brain Dead”, “Crawlers” and “The Young Ones” (!) (the exclamation mark is mine- Editor). The quiz master was chairman John Holden with rounds provided by himself, me (Dave Gibbard), Robert Long, Denis Hilditch, Lynda Barkaway and Keith Barnes. Phil Bristow and Bob Hope also contributed rounds but such was the response that they were held over for next time. Nothing like getting ahead of the game! Alan Sturgess kept score.

Quiz rounds were “Around the World”, General Knowledge, Sport, “Who turned that?”, Scrambled Phrases, Parliamentary Quotes, People Dates and Places and Christmas Carols.


By the second round, “I told you so” had their noses in front and managed to stay there in spite of an abysmal knowledge of Christmas carols. In fact no team managed to identify more than 4 carols from the lines within them provided by Lynda. Obviously woodturners don’t sing.

The teams were invited to vote for their favourite decoration. It was close but the winner that eventually emerged was Gerald Nicholson’s bell.

Dave Gibbard

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