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Dec 6th – Xmas quiz

12 December, 2010

6 December Christmas Social & Quiz


The weather relented just in time for our traditional Christmas Social and a jolly (ho ho ho) good crowd turned up to pit their wits against each other and the quizmaster, chairman Jon.


Members formed up into teams: Novices (obvious derivation I suppose), Chipmunks (wood chips?), Oh Dear (often heard in the workshop), Grey (as opposed to bald?), Wooden Cocks (I’m saying nothing), AOK (anagram of oak – obviously intellectual pretensions), Darjeeling Darlings (tea boys?).


The teams had to answer questions on Sport, Naming the Turner (when shown pictures of the turner’s work), Geography, Naming leaves, Finding the Phrase (represented by cryptic clues), Wood Facts, “Around the UK” and Christmas Carols (identifying the carol from a line within it). The last one proved remarkably tricky and all but one team scored their lowest on this round.


Each team could play their joker to double their score on a selected round. Some forgot to do so until it was almost too late and so wasted it on the lowest scoring round of Christmas carols.


The wooden cocks pointed the way but they couldn’t stay up and finally lost out to AOK by a single point with Oh Dear coming in third.


The winning team were rewarded with chocolates and had to nominate one of their number to say a few words about the Gallery. John Holden drew the short straw. The gallery had a seasonal theme and members showed some imagination in submitting candlesticks, Christmas puddings, snowmen, Christmas trees, an angel, a Christmas cracker, a reindeer in a pot, Santa driving a car and boxes for gold, frankincense and myrrh. Pictures of all the gallery items are on the website.


Free tea and mince pies were welcome but we were disappointed that the “chip chef” failed to turn up. Even the raffle had a seasonal feel to it with wine, crackers and sweeties replacing the usual prizes.


Tired but happy the chums made their way home to get ready for Santa.


Written by David Gibbard

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