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Event Calendar

Below is the schedule of Association events for 2015

Date Topic Presenter
Monday 5th January  Winged natural edge bowl  Gary Renouf
Monday 2nd February  Club Challenge
Monday 2nd  March  Square finial boxes  The bowler hatted turner, John Aitken
Monday 30th March  AGM  Trevor Sapey of the Mary Rose Trust
Monday 18th May  Club Night  Turn in
Monday 1st June  Enrichment Versus Bedizen  Jean Turner
Monday 6th July  Mike’s Mystery  Mike Haselden
Monday 3rd August  Club night/challenge
Monday 7th September  Colouring Techniques  Jenny Starbuck
Monday 5th October  Lattice work bowls  John Wyatt
Monday 2nd November Showtime Les Thorne
Monday 7th December Christmas Social


Other Events extra to our core meetings:

  Event   Address   2015 Date   Type of event   Cost 
Masterclass  All day workshop – Badgers Farm Community Centre, Winchester Saturday 28th March Tutition, Les Thorne £20
 Demo  Toolpost, 7 Hawksworth, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 7HR  24th June 2015, 10am-4pm  Demo/hands on trying  Free
 Demo  Hedge End Gardening Club, 2000 Centre, St John Road, Hedge End  20th July 2015  Demo, Mike Haselden  Free
 Hands on  village hall (also called the Christy memorial hall) Old Alresford. Contact Bob Hope ( , 01189 813552 ) or Harry Woollhead ( , 01962 773460 ).  21st Nov  Tution, practice  Yes

Outreach program Presentations and Demonstration Events:

Come and see our turners in action and ask about our club!

 Event   Address   2015 Date   Type of event     Open to the public?  


Below is our schedule of events for last year (2014). Shows the types of events we put on.

Date Topic Presenter
Monday 6th January Table Lamp Paul Nesbitt
Monday 3rd February Club Challenge
Monday 3rd March Long stem natural edge goblet Paul Jones
Monday 7th April Annual general meeting
Tuesday 6th May Club Night Denis giving a presentation on work holding for long stemmed gobletsMike Haselden and Graham Barnard turning items
Monday 2nd June Oriental Design Peter Moncrieff-Jury
Monday 7th July Club Night – Pen making Ron Caddy
Monday 4th August Hollow Forms Robert Bishop
Monday 1st September Club Challenge
Monday 6th October mystery topic – tbd Gary Rance
Monday 3rd November Showtime Les Thorne
Monday 1st December Christmas Social




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